Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sock Summit Day 2

Everyone has been referring to today (Thursday, the 6th) as day one, but for me today is really day two.

Let me start out by acknowledging that it has been a severely long time since I last posted. Shortly after my last post, I became ill with the worst flu I have had in my life. It lasted over a month, and for the duration I was too sick to even browse the internet. Yuck. Fast forward and you'll find me today, currently recovering from three ear infections. Yes, three. Two inner, one outer. I can't hear very well and I get the feeling most people might think I am ignoring them. But this isn't the reason I'm posting. I've written many posts since February. All in my mind and never made it to the blog. I'm moved to post for all to see because I simply must put down what's happening. This is history in the making. This is Sock Summit.

I really can't go into glorious detail at the moment. It's far too late and I need sleep in preparation for tomorrow. I've met so many awesome knitters today. Knitting rock stars. I've seen many interesting things at the market, and enjoyed a great opening reception. I volunteered and the work was much easier than I expected. I merely had to take tickets as people came through the doors. At the end, it seemed as if everyone swarmed the teachers. I decided to let them breath a bit, although I did force Angela into taking a photo with Cookie A.

I'm starting to fall asleep now. More later! For now, we have here a photo of Amy singer and hizKnits. Amy's carrying her new uke. She's shorter than I expected. ;D

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