Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Crawling.

I missed a few photos last night. Here are a couple more of the Yarn Crawl.

Tami and Angela at Cacao:
Tami and Angela at Cacao

Bobbie, Karen, and Kathleen deep in discussion. (Sorry for the phantom photo, ladies! :))
Bobbie, Karen, and Kathleen

Con-Zilla hamming it up!
Hamming it up at Cacao

Now I really feel the sore muscles, but at least I had plenty of exercise.

Oh, and I neglected to mention that while we were taking a break at the Starbucks I decided to also take the opportunity to change a soggy diaper. (Yes, isn't that interesting?) Unfortunately, their bathroom was filthy (Hello, downtown PDX) and had no changing station, despite possessing the necessary room.
No problem- Kathleen to the rescue! We followed her to the front desk of the Governor Hotel, where she requested the use of a restroom that had a changing area. They were actually very nice and set up a key card so that the bathroom in the gym could be accessed. We made it down there and I used the dressing room instead of the bathroom, because it had a cushy bench that I could lay a blanket on. Needless to say, it was very posh and quiet and much appreciated.

When we woke this morning, a layer of snow was covering our neighborhood. We had been planning on driving to Hermiston to visit my Grandma for her birthday, but postponed the trip due to ridiculous winds and icy roads in that direction.
No matter, there is plenty of cleaning and housework to do. Maybe I can get the wool blanky done so I can start on some socks.

Right now, Jesse is on the phone with Toshiba customer service. His laptop's power cord has been acting up for the last month, sometimes supplying power and sometimes not. Last night, he picked up the brick and had me listen to this weird, buzzing/clicking noise.
I gently reminded him that he needed to call Toshiba CS, as I had done on many occaisions prior to this.
Shortly after, we were watching an episode of 30 Rock on the laptop and suddenly sparks were flying. He picked up the cord to keep it from burning him or the couch and we watched in horror as it melted itself and severed completely.
Now we are a little worried. The sparks were enough to cause a fire and I have the same model of laptop. What if it performed this dramatic death while we were sleeping? Not to mention that I have a hard drive full of photos and documents needing backed up, and unfortunately no means with which to do it. As soon as we are able (read: employed) we plan on buying an external hard drive, but nothing can be done with the Terabyte worth of data we have now.

It would be devastating to lose our photos. Connor's birth, Erin's infancy. Lost pets and tangible memories of my mother.

I hope we can find him a job soon. For now, the laptops are getting completely powered down for the night.


PNWBookGirl said...

You can download Picassa for free and it will give you access to I think a few gigs of server space to put your photos up on the web for security. Have Jess create an account and you double your space. If you need a gmail invite to do it, let me know!

Damn! Thought I dodged all those pointing cameras my way. I see why though, I wasn't looking at you when you clicked. ;^)

pdxknitterati said...

I *really* need to start unplugging my laptop at night. Yikes.

Thanks for sharing pix! I completely forgot I had my camera. Duh.